Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Heat and Gas

MW: 129.4
Days to Race: 117
Distance/Time: 3.6 mi/48:03 min (Sat) and 2.96 mi/38:10 min (today)

I was too busy floating in my mom's new pool to log my run this weekend. Today, I've realized that some things change and some things stay the same. While training for Disney Princess, I fought the cold, now I am struggling in the heat. Instead of trying to put on as many layers as possible while still being able to move, I am struggling to keep enough clothes on so I don't give the town a show. One thing does not change, however. I still burp and fart my way through my run. It is gross and embarrassing and it feels so darn good to get it out.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sirius Black

MW: 129.4
Days to Race: 122
Distance/Time: 2.96 mi/ 38:33 min (13.01 min/mi)

Another early morning run completed. Everything hurt a little. I think it's my body readjusting itself to the demands of regular exercise. Like I said, it's been a while. I also think I need new shoes. Not running shoes, but everyday shoes that support my feet a little better.

I saw Sirius Black this morning. There's a black stray that's been living in town for a couple months now. Animal control can't seem to catch it and for the most part, she just watches and runs away. Lately though, she seems to have taken a bit more of an interest in me (and to my concern, Coco). This time, she fell into a trot a few yards behind me for a stretch. Her ears were up and her tail was high. Not sure if she's curious or exhibiting predatory behavior. Until she's caught, killed or moves on, however, she's probably going to be a regular entry in this blog.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day One

MW: 130.3
Days to Race: 124
Distance/Time: 2.96 mi/39:11 (13.14 min/mi)

I'm not going to lie folks, I've been less than religious about my running habits. After the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I let things slide. I skated by on luck and determination for the Broad Street Ten Miler. After that... Yeah, I've been lazy. I also got a dog! She's a little white terrier-thing that is sweet and wonderful and loves long walks. I thought a small dog wouldn't need much exercise, but she never gets tired. Never. This means that a great deal of my free time is spent tromping through the neighborhood.

So, to accommodate the princess dog, I set my alarm for 5 AM. No, that is not a typo. 5 AM. I forgot how much I like that pre-dawn time. No one else is really up, just me and some birds and the odd commuter. The cats are thrilled with this new arrangement. They've been trying to tweak my schedule in favor of more food earlier for a while now.

I like to say that the first day is the hardest and I've got to admit that it wasn't easy. Parts of me are a little creaky and all I want to do is sleep now. The good news is that I've done my run for today, the bad news is I still have a full day of work to get through.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cue "Eye of the Tiger"

Training for the Avengers Half-Marathon starts this Tuesday. While I've kept up with my running, I've not been as reliable as when I was keeping this blog and following a plan. So... I guess it's time to start tracking my progress here again.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

And Done!

Days to Race: -6
Distance/Time: lots and lots

I still can't believe it's over. Nearly a year of training, lots of blood, sweat and tears, a few trips to doctors, surgery and some iron transfusions and it's over. I ran a frickin' half-marathon guys!

I was up at 3:30 a.m. which gave me just enough time to throw on my costume, eat a little food and then join 20 thousand of my closest princess friends. Traffic was a mess, even so early and I was grateful that we'd gotten a room at the Beach Club Resort, which meant we didn't have too far to go. Once we arrived, it was a huge party complete with long lines to the bathroom. There was a stage and music and so many clever costumes. It felt like it was 10 p.m., not the wee hours of the morning.

Finally, we made our way to our corrals. I made friends with a Snow White named Gretchen who was from DC. We were both in J, so we kept each other company while we waited, counting the gun fires as each corral was released in turn. Finally it was us. I didn't even know it at first because no one was moving. We were just too crowded, but then we were at a walk, a trot and finally a jog as "Eye of the Tiger" played.

At about mile 2, a cheer went up and I looked left across the median to see a lone runner streak past. I later found out it was an Olympian athlete who crushed the course record by finishing in 1:11. I can't even comprehend running so fast and sort of wonder if she enjoyed the half as much as I did. It was incredible.

I passed the princes photo shoot and others (Ants, Mary Poppins, Snow White) and kept going. Through water stops and medical tents and porta johns. One of my new friends had advised me to stop at every water stop even though I had a hydration belt. It would be downtime. I don't quite know if I agree, but the humidity was high and I needed all the liquids I could get.

At some points, the course narrowed and the walkers clogged the route (myself included). Sometimes it was frustrating because I wanted to go faster, other times because I knew I was in someone else's way. At mile 5, we entered Magic Kingdom and ran down Main Street towards the castle. The streets were lined with spectators cheering everyone on. I couldn't help but grin and then we were through the castle and back on the road. Soon after, the theme song for the race played: "Let it Go". Amazing song and perfect when I needed that extra boost.

The last few miles were something of a blur as we climbed exit ramps and continued on the roads. I stopped at the second prince's stop for the derpiest picture. With four princes, I wasn't sure whether to stand by Flynn (as I was Rapunzel) or position myself in the middle. I chose the middle and Flynn looks so sad in the picture! Really the guys doing that must have had to put up with a lot from us runners. It was hard to smile pretty for the picture when my thoughts were on the road. I am not good at having my concentration disrupted. In the end, it looked like I was going to cry!

At mile 13, they had a gospel choir. Really! A gospel choir. By then, I knew I had this. I still couldn't believe it was done. I was a sweaty mess and my forehead was gritty from the salt in my sweat having dried. But I crossed the finish line and got my medal and found my Mom and sister and cried a little. It was over. At 9:30, I was heading home for a bath and then drinking around the world at Epcot. It was all an amazing day.

And soon after I discovered that there's an Avengers Half at Disneyland. I'd get a coast-to-coast medal and be running with the boys (and girls). It's crazy, but I'm doing it! Stay tuned folks. The ride ain't over yet!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Almost there

MW: 138
Days to Race: 4
Distance/Time: 1 mi/13 min

I have my gray kitty to thank for the 5:30 wake up. He decided to try to eat something on my dresser that was not kibble. So I got an early start and Dodger got his breakfast. Well played lad. Well. Played.

I was going to take it easy. No need to push too hard, just aiming for the status quo. My biggest worry has been the sudden stiffness in my right knee. By the end of my last run the entire leg felt like it was bionic. After barely a mile, though, I could feel the swelling begin (I'm assuming the cause is inflammation). So I cut the run short and popped an ibuprofen. Maybe Friday.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

One week to go!

MW: 137
Days to Race: 7
Distance/Time: 4 mi./55:30 min

I can't believe it's almost here. I'm still working on my costume and making my way through all the Disney animated films. Just three more to go! Watching them as an adult is much more different than watching them as a child. Today was 4 miles, nice and easy. I'm trying not to worry about my stiff right knee.